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It’s founded in 1999. It’s a professional photography service provider based in Hong Kong. It’s a place you can buy prints or stock photos if you are interested. It’s there to pamper every single need exceeding one’s expectations. It’s Son Gallery.

Specialising in Still photography and processing expertise computer knowledge, Son Gallery is compelling in Still, Jewelry and Food photography. The uniqueness Son Gallery marks on ‘the littleness’. A little bit more on details, on passion, on creativity, on experiences – it pulled off with a big difference.

Son Gallery® is a registered trademark in Hong Kong & China.

A little bit more on everything = a lot more.

Photographer - Wilson Lee

A photographer of not too many words but with tremendous passion in photography, Wilson believes that there is no stop in learning and improving. A minimalist in life yet a perfectionist in his profession, he strikes for improvement in photography, style and with technological integration.

Wilson is a distinctive yet diversified photographer. He works brimmed with his unique style but he is interested in a wide-range of photography: from high precision commercial product shot to random snap shot with abstraction.

Wilson is a self-learner. He has never been to any formal photography or retouching institutes.  His eyes, his heart and his mind are his own mentors. He enjoys watching the masterpieces of the others and is always inspired by the works. His milestone of photography is ‘Admire before Acquire’.

He is currently a Professional Member of HKIPP.

Wilson's shadow

Admire before Acquire

關於 Son Gallery ®

它提供專業攝影服務。它於1999年成立。它稱心地達成您每個要求,教您喜出望外。它,就是 Son Gallery。

擅長靜物攝影的Wilson ,尤以拍攝珠寶、食物及產品三方面享負盛名。它之所以能成功,在於其「多一點」的態度。



Son Gallery® 在香港及中國是註冊商標


攝影師 – Wilson Lee


他是一名既獨特又多元化的攝影師。儘管他的作品總是瀰漫著他獨有的風格,他的作品卻非常的多元化: 精準的商業作品、抽象的生活抓拍,他都拿掐得恰到好處。



Wilson Lee 現為香港專業攝影師公會之會員

Wilson's Shadow


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