Photography services

Specifying in Still & Food photography, Son Gallery is delighted to provide wide-ranged commercial photography services from a little bit different perspective with a little bit more details and passion. It’s going to be a journey a little bit more exciting and promising than your anticipation.

We have over twenty years of experience running services for clients delivering them with the best you can get in billboard advertisement, fascinating restaurant menu, posters and any kind of promotional materials. We are delighted to tell you that you are fully covered.

We are fully engaged in on-site shooting and not just shooting in the studio. So if you’re considering food as your principal subject then rest assured that you’re fully covered because we can go the extra mile of arranging kitchen equipment and even a chef on your demand .Having got a significant experience while working in china and can fully arrange for photo shooting will full equipment in china.

Our Studio

Beside of shooting area and equipments, we’ve also provide working zone, rest area and kitchen in our studio. Our kitchen equipped with large commercial freezer and fridge as well as many essential cooking tools and difference kind of stove.

Son Gallery® will do our best to deliver you with high quality and captivating pictures with our experience.

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